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Updated Tuesday July 19, 2016

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Aquaponic Lynx LLC

Ok, actually got the business started, Instead of TCLynxponics, we have gone with the name Aquaponic Lynx LLC Ready to go with Aquaponics valves, Feeders, and system designs. Soon to be adding more products. I must admit the page is still really basic so plan on seeing changes coming regularly here soon while I set up the online store and actually figure out some pricing for package systems. Perhaps this isn't the most sleek and professional way to do this but those who Know TCLynx, know that once I really decide to do something, it is going to get done. I would rather get started and keep improving along the way rather than waiting until it's too late. I'm gonna work with what I have now until I can do better.

What's up lately

All kinds of busy now but the first duck's clutch hatched out 8 ducklings that are going on a month old now, wow they grow quick. The Second Duck has hatched an even bigger clutch of 15 ducklings which are still quite small as they are less than a week old. Oh so cute.

So Cute baby Muscovy Ducks

As to the outdoor kitchen and rain water collection, saddly some one in my neighborhood complained to code enforcement about my gardens. The code enforcement officer said I had to take down or get building permits for the "structures". So I had to remove the cover that was over the plants in the aquaponics system as well as the canopy over my outdoor kitchen area which kinda rendered the rain water collection useless. Apparently (in my county), if you tie a piece of shade cloth between two trees, it is a structure and requires a permit, but to get a permit for a structure, you need two engineering drawings stamped by an architect or engineer certified in Florida. I don't know of any engineer or architect that will simply stamp a drawing of a tree with shade cloth so I gues the shade for the hammock is also illegal. So, though a cloths line might be legal, I guess you better not ever hang any shade cloth out to dry. I wonder how the neighborhood will feel about me hanging clothing out to dry all over the garden to shade the plants.


Time moves on

Hopefully the weather will get warmer soon. I hope to be helping more people with Aquaponics here in the near future. My Brother will visit this spring, it has been a while since we got to visit. The chickens are laying better now and we have one Muscovy duck sitting on a nest! Between the eggs, fish and gardens, we probably don't need to go to the grocery store much for a while.


Not Been as good at updating as I planned

Well, it got cold here and most of the tropicals died back. Even the Bamboo. Hopefully it all grows back from the roots. Aquaponics is still doing great, I really should do some extensive updating of those pages. If anyone wishes me to design/build aquaponics systems for them, I could be willing. We have gotten some Muscovy Ducks, they are very quiet creatures, far quieter than the chickens. Got some nice beds of potatoes growing in the dirt gardens. I finished my outdoor kitchen space complete with rain water collection. So I guess I really should be getting pictures up to show off all my work.


House Design

Insulated Thinshell Concrete is extremely energy efficient to heat & cool, as well as, incredibly disaster resistant. The background pictures is the original rendering. Here is a link to a more photorealistic rendering.
HTML house picture Here is a link to the designer Cloud Hidden Designs, LLC.
For more about the location, Tangerine For a look inside here is a link to a .mov file Otherwise, here are a couple of pictures from that file.
Interior 1
Interior 2

The picture is a design for my house I hope to build.
It is an insulated thinshell concrete structure.


My show off pages

Grandma's Parlor

I thought I would throw some pictures up to show off some of the stuff I've done. Ya know, random strange things like building a shed out of driftwood to look like an outhouse.



Just a reminder to back up your important files regularly. Last year I was actually in the process of saving important stuff when things locked up and the blue screen of death appeared on the next re-boot. Unfortunately, I had not done a major back up for quite some time. I must thank Advanced Computing Solutions Inc for taking care of my recovery.

Who Is TCLynx

Who/What is TCLynx?

Well that could be a complicated answer. Me; person, screen name, stagehand, audio engineer, wireless tech, lighting tech, road tech, traveler, various other types of tech and entertainment person. Also; gardener, compost master, worm farmer, Aquaponic Farmer. And Hopefully; a thinshell concrete home builder.

I am creating pages that will hopefully cover all of these different aspects, provide useful information, and hopefully some enjoyment.

Did that answer any questions? I expect not but the form below should help if you have any specific questions or comments in mind. The web site also has a Forum which I welcome you to use.

I am very versatile and will build and alter this web site as interests take me. I am also suggestible, direct comments, questions and discussion on the forum will play a huge role in what is likely to appear on the web site.

To contact me or comment on the web pages please fill out the Form


TCLynx Aquaponics Composting Gardening Permaculture
Aquaponic Lynx LLC Thinshell Concrete Vermicomposting

Backstage Hydroponics Forum